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, there's growing belief that he's being detained in north korea. nbc bay area's chris sanchez joins us live with what we're learning tonight. chris? >> hi there, jessica. we know very little about his detention. and a north korean expert says that really is what makes this a mysterious situation. that pyongyang has not tried to use this 85-year-old man to leverage anything from the u.s. just yet. >> there are some things even by north korean standards are out of the ordinary. >> north korea has not confirmed that he's being held. newman, seen here in a newsletter of the retirement community where he lives went on a ten-day trip to north korea with his friend and a tour group out of beijing. at the channing house in palo alto where newman lives, his detainment has been a hot topic. local and international news outlets report on october 26, newman was taken off the plane headed home and hasn't been heard from since. the u.s. official state department says we are aware of reports that a u.s. citizen was detained in north korea, we have no additional information to share at this time. it a
and thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer. >> firefighters still on the scene right now. the fire broke out this afternoon at a home on sacramento street near the laurel village area of san francisco. chase what's going on? >> reporter: firefighters were able to get things wrapped up. we had some water on the street behind us from the massive amount of fire they had to use to get this fire out. everyone was able to make it out of these two buildings even before firefighters arrived. that meant that no one was injured. this fire broke out around 3:00 here in the presidio heights neighborhood. it started between two buildings, a three story building and a two story building. that taller building had an italian at that if he at the bottom and a clothing store. firefighters don't know what caused flames to spark between those two buildings. because of that there were some utilities in that area so that cause ad little bit of concern for firefighters because there was natural gas that was leaking and sort of fueling that fire that had to get pg and e out quickly to shut off that natural gas befo
expect it's unavoidable. the police want to be thorough collecting evidence. i assume they use it to prevent occurrences in the future. >> everyone seemed understandab understandable. >> what's your reaction to what happened? >> surprised and shocked. given everything that's been happening throughout the years i guess it's believable. unfortunate for sure. >> reporter: delays continue here at the air. a duty manager tells us things are back to normal. three arrivings flights from l.a.x. cancelled this morning and one departure cancelled. all afternoon evening flights apeer to be running on time. two flights cancelled at l.a.x. today. all flights this afternoon and evening appear to be on time as well. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update. >>> part of highway one was closed after the deadly crash two miles south on highway 1 an hour ago. it's not clear when the highway will we open. chp says the drivers should use panoramic highway as a detour. >>> it's over. the deal that ended last month's strike. bart officials reached an agreement last night with
bay area's marianne favreau who joins us from the campus. >> reporter: raj, i can tell you the students i talked to this afternoon are most upsbet how the university handled this situation. they say even after university housing found out about the alleged hate crimes, they simply transferred two of the suspects to other dorms. four students are now accused of hate crimes after allegedly bullying their black roommate on the seventh floor of this dorm at san jose state university. this police report outlines months of alleged harassment and assault, including reports that the white suspects clamped a bike lock on their black roommate's neck, barricaded him in a closet and repeatedly used racial slurs. celine chandler says she's not surprised. she, too, had roommates bullier in a campus dorm and said the university did little about it. >> they didn't get physical, but the remarks that were made, racial slurs, i tried to bring it up to the university housing services, and their response was actually to move me. and they didn't take any action. >> after a large campus protest y
the schools in this district. >> reporter: the report conducted by the u.s. departm t department's office for civil rights says groping, grabbing and sandwiching females between male students and up against lockers are common. and even at the elementary school level, unwelcomed sexual touching often takes place. >> our schools should be able to go to school and expect they can focus on math, they can focus on science, they do not need to focus on worrying about whether somebody will grope the students in hallway. >> we're not denying these things. we're remedying these problems. >> reporter: district officials have been working hard since 2009 to correct the problems. schools now have surveillance cameras, allowing staff to constantly monitor behavior. and sexual harassment training has been beefed up. >> we're not putting our head in the sand and not addressing. we're taking proactive steps to remedy the horrors of the past. >> reporter: but federal investigators say much more needs to be done. district officials insist they're committed to taking the needed steps to make their schools s
remain closed at this hour. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm raj matthai. >> i'm jessica aguirre. that was chaos on the air and the ground after a man carrying a high powered rifle stormed l.a.x. in a dead lly rampage. >> on the floor. on the floor. on the floor now. >> one tsa agent was killed and at least other people injured when the shooter opened fire in a busy terminal. this happened this morning. this cell phone video shows the fear and panic and confusion in the moments after. late this afternoon, police confirmed the alleged shooter is 23-year-old paul ciancia, a u.s. citizen. meanwhile, nearly 800 flights were impacted leaving passengers stranded here in the bay area and beyond. >> we have team coverage for you tonight on this developing story. arturo santiago is covering sfo. we begin with kimberly terry in san jose. multiple delays, cancelations. what are we talking about in terms of impact? >> reporter: jessica, we could see the ripple effect through the weekend, at least that's what airport authorities are saying for now. nearly 30 flights from l.a.x. to the
but temperatures dropping into the 50s at this hour, so it is in fact giving us something a little bit rare here for the bay area, some windchill just because that air aloft is so cold, even if it's windy out here, it creates friction and helps warm up the air. that cold air aloft is winning out and we have windchills knocking down the current temperature by 5 degrees and also 3 to 5 degrees cooler than that ambient air temperature in napa. we'll detail who could have a windchill at 32 degrees by tomorrow morning coming up in that full forecast. >> thank you, jeff. we'll see you in a bit. this week's rainfall was good but not good enough to make a dent in what's a dire water situation. the state now says it will only be able to provide a fraction of the water it normally sends to the bay area, a move that could drive our water bills and our food costs up. marianne favro is live in san jose with a closer look at what's exactly happening. >> reporter: jess, farmers have a saying, food only grows where water flows, which is why they are very concerned about projected cuts to the state water supply.
recycling plant in reood ty. the company telling us today they're still not ectly sure of everything that caught fire, but anything foundn a car or in a appliance, could have burned. flame retardants onthem, at have plastic, tha have rubber. we're concern about a lot of different particles in the air that a actuallyetting into the wate >> reporter: water and air,oth concerns for the environmental watchdog oup, san francisco bay keeper. and in the cas of sims, the company, wectually have sued e facity in the past. theye had pollution proems at the richmond facility, as well as eir s jose and yward facilities. >> reporter: nbc bay are also found vlations at a sims metal plant in virginia. similar to polluti disvered by the a here indwood city just two years ago. >> ty have pretty much addrsed the concerns at at facility in terms of stormwater pollution. in ter of these fires, obvisly they have not. ey were not able to prevent this fire, even though a similar fire occurred a few years ago. >> reporter: a 2007 fire at the same facilitled to a $20,000 air pollution fe against sims and eve
behind us. >> we s several people running which is typical o a situation where shots are fired. we do have peopleetained but's clear rightow whether they're involved. >> polic say the victim was a man in his 20s. >>with are following a if you thoug the thrt of a b.a.r.t. sike is over,ou might nt to think again. it appears the deal between b.a.r.t. and the union that was reached is now in spute. monte franc is at the b.a.r.t. station th an update for . reporter: well, good evening. at this point the unions are not threateninto strike but just the possibility that they could for a third time this year is not something that b.a.r.t. requ riders want to hear. >> ie always thought it s strange thathey would strike. it ds throw chaos into if it goes on longer tha a couple of days, the we start panicking because everyone has to find al tern ty ways to get >> reporter: b.a.r.t. claim its gotiators signed the wrong deal and that provision should not have been in there. the provision allows b.a.r. employees take up toix weeks ofaid leave per time. as it is the works have tose their vation or s
workers who can care for him until he can be reunited with his mother. >> the u.s. border patrol has made arrangements with the arizona child protective services to be at the border crossing with them. when the baby does arrive, they can take custody of the baby. >> this all began when he left with the child around 34:30 to run errands then sent text messages saying he was not going to come back and threatened vie len against himself in the baby and she contacted police. it was a dispute over moving the family to new york. now again guler is in custody in mexico. there's lots of paper work as you can imagine. but he'll be handed over to u.s. border patrol and eventually transported to the bay area. already, they're work on what charges he may face. when he is handed over, arizona's child protective services will have him in their care. as nip who's had a two-week-old baby, you know they need to be with their mothers. so the story ends very well and hopefully very soon for that mom. >> okay, chris. thank you. >> we have new details tonight in the case of a tanler set on fire on an a.c. tra
-blown scanda >> reporter: earlier this month used stricter criteria and tment compared those numbers to last year's which didt have the stricter criteria, revealing a dramaticdrop. >> you're right. we probably --t is ales to oranges. it is. and it's not a true or fair comparison. >> rorter: the department did t tell the public until after wetarted asking questions. >> in hindsight, we wouldn't make that comparison. believe me. it wasn't messaged properl in our part, and i take responsibilityor that. we could havdone a better job externally to the public andhe media. that's what we're trying to fix. >> reporr: we wanted to know the department used the sam criteria this year as it did last year to classy gang cases. would gang-related mders actually be down? >> i'm not reall sure becau it is somewhat subjective. i uld imagine, i would tend to think the number of eight at last reporting, that those numbers wouldrobably be a couplehigher. >> reporter: you'll remember the department saidor weeks gang crediting game supession efforts. city leadeouted that success at town hall meetin. >> do better
. >> while most of us were sleeping, police say three suspects broke into this san jose home off capital expressway, tied up the man and two women sleeping inside then spent the next several hours tearing the house apart. >> every room in the ho us has been ransacked and turned over. >> police say a gun safe was found empty. the suspects drove off in vehicles they stole from the victims. a silver lexus sedan and a silver ford truck. >> we were out on this residence on a theft case. the residents reported a laptop and a set of keys had been stole opinion police say the suspects this morning entered the front door using a key. but aren't sure yet if the crimes are connected. >> i was in shock. my main focus was to make sure she was all right. >> we're told none of the victims were seriously injured but everyone is on edge. >> i'm surprised. i didn't think this would happen. >> phillip's grandmother live next door. >> i'm just scary. my grandmother is getting up there. she lives by herself. she called me because the cops had to come in and go over the fence before. this isn't the first time
're, indeed, united. one student told us he dressed just like sasha from head to toe to show support for his friend. >> lots of people hear wearing a skirt for you. everyone here loves you, man. just get well soon. >> i want them to know that we support them so much and we want to make sure they feel strong and feel so supported because we all support them and we love them and we want them to know we are here for them. >> many students said they've had the chance to visit sasha in the hospital. they say the teenager is in remarkably good spirits and is incredibly grateful for the community's outpouring of support. >>> a huge effort is under way in the bay area to help with recan r recovery efforts in the philippines after one of the strongest storms on record slammed into the central philippines killing at least four people, forcing hundreds of thousan thousands of their homes and knocking out power and communications in several provinces. the general's office has been inundated with concerns from people concerned or want to know how they can help. jeff ranieri has been tracking that storm t
've got the administration quite rightly saying that they want us to i want prove the retention and success rate of graduation. i get that, but how do you do that under those circumstances? >> which is unfortunate because it already takes long enough to get a degree and add on to that an extra year in both financial aid and other associated cuts. just gets more and more expensive. >> reporter: most of the cuts will come at the expense of nontenured professors, less faculty, and more students mean larger classes and it may be tougher for students to get the classes they need. >> it's not easy because you want to do the best for the students. you want to be loyal to some extent to the employees who've been here for millions of years. and it's just not a good way to run things. >> reporter: i reached out to the administrators today who confirmed the budget cuts but would not comment about them on camera. they do say there's a meeting scheduled here on campus tomorrow morning where faculty members and other staff members will answer questions about the cuts. reporting live in san jo
. investigative reporter steven stoc joins us with the new information. steven, as you know,his isn't someural area. toxichemicals in the middle of >> reporter: that' exactly right, raj. as w first reported back in february, the epa discovered thesnew hotspots of the chemical tce, located here in mountain view, outside t original boundaries of t m.e.w. superfund site located in we have the new levels to report tonight. we can tell you that the epa test found levels ofhis tce at 110,000 parts per billion in the groundwate and that leaves question here tonight, how did thetce get the outside these bounries? it's a toxic pme of chemicals that setches a mile and a hal extending under highway 101, and beneath moffitt field. the ple is made up mtly of tce, trichloroethylene, fen ar decades the ep monitorednd extrted the toxic come vent from the ground swrn wawater beo tce was ud by the semiconductor ree decades ago. it's been linked to cance and when evaporates can clect in buildings in a process called vapor intrusion which can cause heart depoformities in unborn children. the epa has remod ton of
joins us in san francisco, where there are more than 100 people behind you protesting right now, correct, cheryy? >> reporter: that's right. these propesters have been on the move. they arrived here after marching down valencia street. they made their way around the neighborhood. as you can see, they are back. now, let's take a look at why they're here. let's take a look at this video. this video shows paris williams who was being arrested by san francisco police last friday. police arrested them after he was told he was stopped riding his bicycle. he failed to do so. the next person you're about to see is a man who was taken down. he comes up bloody. police told him to stay back and he did not. in all, four people were arrested. five police officers injured. two of those officers were taken to the hospital. the crowd here tonight is accusing police of brutality and police chief greg surr is respo responding. >> both of my sons, two of the boys involved in this. my other son, he got out friday night. everything's okay with him so far. but this one, i -- justice has to be done for my chil
his fth amendment right saying he di't trust the district attorney office. night he's talk to us about a high-profile political scandal. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at san jose cy hall with the story. damian? sit down and clear his name, tell his side of the sry about pontially mieading campaign mailers that wt out whene was running for city council. our lega analysts says campos should not hav told us what he told us anday have cread, quote, a legal quagmire for himself. >> mr. campos? >> damian. >> reporter: couilman javier campos is tling nbc b area what h couldn't tell ariminal grand jur just a month ago. >> my confidence in being treatefairly, you know, was not there. >> reporte the grand jury w investigatg former supersor george shrikawa abouthese mails sent duringhe electn campai and said his dnas of on one of tm. th th >> youname is attached to those mailers? it's assumed that came from your camp. so people asked hocould he not e have known what was happening? clear.- you know, i need to be and ke this very, very clea i do not know who pduced our distributed those mailers
on the story for us. according to the police report, we know more about what happened in that dorm now. >> reporter: we do. we've been digging through police reports and counted at least 13 different alleged encounters between the victim and his roommates. five times the victim says he was barricaded in his room using furniture outside the door. he also frequently found a confederate flag around their dorm, pentagrams, and nazi symbols hung in various places. and even at one point had that bike lock put around his neck. but the suspects claim it was all just a prank war. the lock was placed around his neck to symbolize putting chains and locks on the black kid. those were the words of a san jose state housing assistant recounting for police what four what students are accused of doing to their children roommate. in response, logan bashler, one of those accused, told investigators their actions were part of a satire that he thought would be funny. chalking it up to a prank war. even a witness and friend of the accused said in police interviews that she doesn't see the confederate flag a
. poaching from other departments. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us with this. >> reporter: there's been a policy in place and encourages the recruitment of veterans and rookies from other departments. it's called the lateral transfer or lateral hire if you will. that's not illegal, but critics say san jose should not throw stones from its own glass house. the police academy is where they trained to become a part of san jose's finest. but it's also where other cities have come to recruit the same cadets, after the city of san jose has paid for the expensive training programs. the hiring of san jose recruits had angered many at city hall because it costs $170,000 to train each officer. councilman sam lacardo even issued this memo proposing recruits pay back the cost of training or perhaps sending the bill to the city that hires them. >> the problem twofold. one is that our taxpayers are on the hook for $170,000 in training costs. >> reporter: but nbc bay area obtained this memo of sjpd's recruiting incentive program. it encourages any employee of the police department to recruit an
that could use some growth but one that will also be forced to deal with massive traffic tie-ups come opening day. >> it's a bit of a game changer. it's a huge facility and a lot of people coming into the county on a daily basis, really, so we're concerned about that, quite frankly, but we appreciate the tribes working with us to mitigate those impacts. >> reporter: if you love to gamble, you've got a new place to visit. >> it's a guaranteed great place to be. >> reporter: just give yourself lots of time to get there. now, the casino opens tomorrow at 10:00. it will be open 24 hours a day. it will have extra police officers on duty to help deal with the traffic. it will see an estimated 10,000 cars a day on the only major freeway in and out of sonoma county. raj? >> thank you, scott. almost a $1 billion pronject here. casino games have proven to be lucrative in the south bay. casino matrix opened last august. since its opening the casino generated about $10 million in tax revenue and created 780 jobs in the process. earlier this year, the $50 million room was denied a permit to open on the to
totals still under 3 inches of sew there's a chance of rain on tuesday t not hping us out as we get you back to the woweek. so in the south bay near 70 in san jose tomorrow. you notice around the peninsula and into san francis temperatures coolingnto the 60s. biggerrop in temperatures around oaklandnd outoward the inner east bay inclung hayward. but out towds the i-valley, now youe seeing the temperatures hanging on to one more warm day, numbengs in the mid 70s arod liv ore. but kland, you're goin to notice the cooldown torrow. we'll see numbers in the 60s. soo wrap up the weekend your get away forecast still looking good on the coast. still dry in the high country. reno 70 degrees, 63 in lake taho san francisco and the coast, you will see the fog for the rning, then sunshe for the afternoo a bit cooler as you wrap up t weekend and then that chance ofhowers for the noh bay ce tuday. >> thanks very much. >>> veterans were hored ahead of the holiday. we'll show you. woah, this kitchen ibeautiful! ve him the tour. let me sw you! soft-clwhere's myoom?m sink! we had to take jt a little bit f
area kimberly tere joins us with the latest from there. >> hi, diane. that protest is just wrapping up here at the walmart in san leandro. this is just one of many protests going on today at an estimated 1500 walmart locations across the nation. and some of these protests including this one in san leandro resulted in arrests. walmart workers and supporters are taking advantage of black friday and the crowds hoping to bring attention to what they say are unfair labor practices. >> this is our country's largest employer and about two-thirds of the workers make less than $25,000 a year. and that's just not enough to put food on the table. >> reporter: protesters are demanding what they call a living wage. >> walmart needs someone to come in here and police them evidently because they -- we're not all on the same page. they say one thing. we say another. we say they pay $8.81 an hour. they thing pay $12.63 an hour. the truth is the truth. >> they want walmart to publicly commit to paying employees a minimum of $25,000 annually, provide full-time work and end what they say is retaliation
't care to. >> people do everything. they wl lock up their brakes in front of us. they'll pull to the right, pull to the left. they'll rn sidews. >> and that can delay response times. toda this crash between school bus and a minivan, as was this medical emergency at an east san jose high hool, but in som cases, every cond matters. drivers we tked with say there'no excuse for not knowing what to do. it is on the california driver's licenstest. >> they pass their driver's ed test, they should kn what to do. i think people are too mucin a hurr >> i think they have the radios on or they're talk on the phone d sometimes it's harto hear. >> that's e reason for these public service announcements that are hitting t air i santa clara count to remind people to pull to the rht for sins and lights. >> ery year in santa cla county,e have 250,000 vehics going to emergency calls using red lightsnd sirens. it's important tt theublic knows they shoulpull to the right and stop. >>on't stop on the freeway, just make way so the emergency vehies can get alongside you. >> a new promise from jet napo
compe campos. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us from san jose. have any laws been broken here >> reporter: it doesn't appear to be the case athis point. i found the documts filed at the city's clerk office atan nothing illegal, in the terest of publipercepti, she should have recus herself from this case. at issue a these anonymous fliers sent to vietnase-american voters in 2010. ey gave t appearae carasco who was runningor city council was aligned with communist assistantd.a. karenaid the a of former countysupervisor george shirikawa was on one of the flyers so lt month she hauled carasco's opponent i that case, xavier camposo teify who was also an aide to shirakawa, now sving time for other crimes. >>r. campos wascting on my advice. >>eporter: campos' lawyer told m to pleadhe fifth at the grand jury hearing last month. nbc bay are uncovered these stements from the campaign in 2010, showed sinunu-towery did her husband, james towery. >> question might be, who is the best person for this job? rhaps it is meone who is senior i office. thens there anyone else who has not been inv
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)